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Cloudy Mountain


Adam Goldberg is an amazing coach. I don’t think anyone is as dedicated as he is when it comes to mentoring an adaptive athlete like me. I have many unique physical and mental challenges as a combat wounded veteran and double above-knee amputee. But Adam keeps me accountable and never lets me feel sorry for myself. He pushes me to better myself, and I think we’ve both learned a lot over the last few months of coaching.


Adam has been THE best trainer I’ve ever worked with. I’ve lost 40lbs while training with him and this has been the best I’ve felt in years! He really goes out of his way to help you reach your fitness goals. Adam really takes individuality into account when programming each workout for every one of his clients. Throughout this journey, I’ve encountered limitations with my hip mobility, knee stability, and even toe mobility (yes, that’s a real thing!) which had limited me in performing certain exercises. Whenever I was unable to do an exercise due to weakness/limitations, he would modify the workout to strengthen the problematic areas. Adam is always finding opportunities to further his knowledge with continuing education/certifications to further grow as a trainer and integrates it in each and every one of his clients’ programs. Adam really changes your whole perspective on fitness in the best way possible!


As a golfer and lifter I was struggling with my range of motion. I began mobility and stability training with Adam utilizing his Kinstretch program about a year ago. In the first few sessions I noticed a difference, but months later and continuing to use the training he taught me has lead to huge increases in my range of motion. As a golf coach, I thought this training was very useful so we collaborated to provide this mobility training weekly to my golf students over the winter months. We documented the progress and saw fantastic improvements in all students who participated.


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